At Aberdeen Swordsmanship Group (ASG), we practise historical fencing, not as a sport, but as a martial art, generally referred to as Historical European Martial Art (HEMA), or Western Martial Art (WMA). Unlike most Eastern martial arts, which have traditions going back hundreds of years through an unbroken line of master teaching master teaching master, Historical European Swordsmanship has no living tradition; we reconstruct the ‘art’ from manuscripts/treatises left by Medieval fencing masters.

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Fiore dei Liberi 

At ASG we study copies of manuscripts from the early fifteenth century, by the Italian master of arms, Fiore dei Liberi. Fiore lived in what is now northern Italy in the second half of the fourteenth century and the early fifteenth century. He recorded his complete system of fighting arts in an illustrated manuscript, four copies of which survive today. They vary in detail and in the order in which the information is presented, but, with minor variations, additions and omissions, they show the same basic techniques. We draw on the contents of all four to give as balanced an interpretation as possible.

Training Classes

Classes are held on Mondays and Wednesdays.


If you wish to attend for the first time please contact us in advance. Click here to email us.

The class is open to men and women, over 18 years of age, regardless of previous experience.

As with any physical activity, people with any medical condition should seek advice from their doctor before joining a martial arts group.

If you are not based near Aberdeen, but would still like to learn more about HEMA and WMA, please contact The British Federation of Historical Swordplay (BFHS)


Our next Introduction to Longsword for Beginners course will start on October 16th 2017. The course consists of 6 classes run over six weeks and will teach the student the fundamentals of Fiore longsword, including footwork, guard, principles of attack and defence.


The intention of the course is to bring the student to a level where they can fully participate in the standard classes.


For more information, contact ASG Secretary

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